Planning a wedding from start to finish is one of the most stressful things that a person will ever do. In fact, it’s so stressful that about 60% of couples admit to thinking about eloping during the wedding-planning process to escape the stress.

With this in mind, you’re going to feel spent once your wedding day is over. The only thing you’ll want to do is spend the next few weeks and even months lounging around the house and enjoying all your free time.

Wedding etiquette dictates that there are a few things that newly-married couples will have to do after their wedding, though. Here are three things that you should make sure you do once your wedding day has passed.

Open Gifts From Guests and Cash Any Checks You Receive

The guests at most weddings will give anywhere from $75 to $150 as a wedding gift. It’s a little something to help a couple get their life together off to a great start.

Open the gifts that you receive from your guests in the days after your wedding and keep track of what everyone gives you. Most people will give a card with cash or a check inside.

If people pay with a check, deposit their check as soon as you can. You don’t want to leave a pile of uncashed checks sitting around and leave people waiting for them to hit their accounts.

Write a Personal Thank You Card to Each of Your Guests

It’s important to keep track of what each of your wedding guests gives to you as a gift because wedding etiquette calls for you to send them each a thank you card. And you shouldn’t send any old thank you cards to your guests.

Each and every thank you card you send should be personalized. It should include a reference to what someone gave you as a gift as well as something that shows that your note is just for them.

People likely spent a lot of money on your wedding and, in some cases, even traveled great distances to see you get married. The least you can do is thank them with a note that has a personal touch.

Mail Your Thank You Cards Out Within Three Months

It’s not enough to write out personal thank you cards to your wedding guests. You also need to get them into the mail in a reasonable amount of time!

Wedding etiquette used to give couples up to a year to get their thank you cards out. But these days, you should try to do it within three months, if not a whole lot sooner than that.

Remember These Wedding Etiquette Tips Following Your Big Day

Once your wedding is over, you might be tempted to kick back and spend a few months relaxing. But before you do, use the wedding etiquette tips found here to tie up a few final loose ends.

Your wedding guests will look back on your big day more fondly when they receive a thank you card from you. They’ll also appreciate you taking the time to write them a personal note.

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