Gallagher is taken down by Calgary's Mark Giordano in a game recently. Regardless of is smaller size, the Canadiens winger doesn't shy away from the physical part of the game. (Getty Images)

Somewhere tucked in the back of his closet are the ritualistic stetson and belt buckle he got from competition organizers upon touching down in Calgary.

"I still have those," Gallagher said. "I don't wear them all that much. Can't truly find a reason. I can't truly pull it off."

Maybe he can't manage the cowboy hat on Crescent Street-- hey, few can-- but Gallagher is a preferred boy in Montreal. He flourishes under the unrelenting scrutiny of playing in a city where cheering for the regional hockey team feels more like faith than sport.

Gallagher reports to work daily in the tough places along the boards and the high-punishment property in front of the internet. He is regularly cross-checked and battered around by guys who tower over him.

And he routinely scuttles to his feet with a smile on his face.

"I guess my development spurt might still come," Gallagher said. "But you try and get much better at other aspects of the video game and do what you've always done.

"I've always been an accountable gamer, I've always discovered methods to contribute simply trying to do the exact same things no matter what level you're playing at."


Anger works as rocket fuel for athletes in every sport. The aggrieved keep in mind the terrible remarks-- about their size, their skill, their work principles-- and channel those slights onto the field of play.

For Montreal Canadiens best winger Brendan Gallagher, the reverse is true. Oh sure, he heard the skeptics throughout the years-- the ones who figured the scrappy winger just couldn't make it to the National Hockey League due to his five-foot-eight, 184-pound frame.

Real to his hallmark smile, Gallagher picks to focus on the folks who breathe positivity into his life.

"People say they get inspiration from individuals saying you're too little or you can't do that," Gallagher said during Montreal's present roadway swing through Western Canada. "That's never really impacted me in one method or the other. There's been numerous people who have assisted me along the way, I take a great deal of pride in making sure that their belief goes someplace.

"They put a great deal of rely on me, a lot of belief in me, and I just desire to ensure that I'm showing them right instead of proving the cynics incorrect."

Despite his inspiration, Gallagher proves the cynics wrong on a nighttime basis through hustle, decision and drive. The 27-year-old from Edmonton is a virtual case research study for small players with huge dreams.

Tapped by Montreal in the 5th round (147th overall) of the 2010 NHL entry draft, Gallagher represented Canada at the 2012 world junior champions in Edmonton and Calgary.

At the time, he appeared to be a long shot to in fact play in the NHL since of his size and draft pedigree. Still, even as a teenager, he brought himself with the poise of a veteran-- gathering three objectives and 6 points in a competition where Canada opted for bronze.

"People say they get inspiration from individuals stating you're too little or you can't do that," Gallagher said throughout Montreal's current roadway swing through Western Canada. Gallagher is taken down by Calgary's Mark Giordano in a game last week."I still have those," Gallagher stated."I think my growth spurt might still come," Gallagher said."I've had so lots of good individuals around me," Gallagher stated.