Welcome, loyal citizens, to another episode of the Real Life Podcast! It’s the weekly podcast that starts with an agenda and the boys get to absolutely none of it. This week, with Wanye taking a much-deserved vacation, the guys were left to their own devices to plan the show and it went the way that you’d expect.

To start off this week’s show, the guys jump into things with a look at the ongoing Jesse Puljujarvi saga as the guys try to decide if there is an end in sight. After claiming that he would stay in Finland until he gets traded, Puljujarvi has really backed the Oilers into a corner and that’s left some of the boys feeling salty about the former 4th overall pick. From there, Jay recapped Team Oilersnation’s win at the Mark Spector Golf Tournament, a day that included an incredible photo of Oilers head coach Dave Tippett posing with the Nation Truck. Next up, Chalmers broke down the Real Life fantasy football league that kicked off last week, including a look at the potential rules that will dictate the season. This conversation led into Jay and Chalmers’ annual football trip and how the location voting to pick where they’d go has caused turmoil in the group. Speaking of trips, the guys broke down the upcoming #NationVacation to Las Vegas that will be coming up in February and offered a glimpse of what to expect from the annual trip.

Listen to this week’s episode below:

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