It was a very special episode of the Real Life Podcast podcast this afternoon as former Oilers’ captain and assistant coach Kelly Buchberger stopped by to walk the boys through his incredible career.

To kick off this week’s show, the guys jumped right into things with a look at Buchberger’s early hockey days in Langenburg, Saskatchewan, and how that spawned a lifelong love of the game that eventually led him to the NHL. From his time with the Moose Jaw Warriors to playing his first NHL games to becoming the ninth captain in Edmonton Oilers history, Kelly Buchberger’s road to the best league in the world was an incredible tale to hear and the guys were so fortunate to listen to a firsthand account of how it all went down. Just wait until you hear the story from when Buchberger completed one of the greatest comebacks of all time with his legendary OT goal against Dallas Stars back in 1997 when the Oilers put home three goals in under two minutes to get the team to the extra frame — it blew our minds wide open. With his illustrious NHL career wrapped up, Kelly talks about what it was like to transition from being a player to being a coach and what that it was like to make that move. What makes a good coach? What lessons did he take with him from his time in the NHL and how did he apply those skills to his coaching career? Fortunately, Mr. Buchberger had all the answers.

Listen to today’s episode below:

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