In another very special episode of the Real Life Podcast, the boys were thrilled to welcome former Ottawa Senator and Minnesota Wild forward, Matt Kassian, to the show to talk about his time as a pro and a very special project he’ll be working on with the Nation starting next month.

To start off this week’s show, Kassian regaled the boys with tales from the show, including what it took to go up against some of the league’s toughest players. Not only did Kassian fight some of the toughest fighters in league history, but he also handled himself incredibly well and it was fascinating to hear about what it took to make that happen. In fact, his story about fighting Frazer McLaren despite the fact that the two of them are friends was one of the best stories ever told on the show. Moving on, Kassian spoke at length about his journey to becoming a professional hockey player and what it was like to realize that he was legitimately good enough to play in the NHL. Whether he was playing high school football or sparring with Georges Laraque as a rookie, Matt Kassian had all the takes you’d want from a guy that saw it all in his professional career and the guys were very lucky to have him in on this week’s show.

To close out this week’s podcast, Jay jumped into the story about how he won his second Angler Cup, an annual fishing tournament he’s held with his buddies for the past 16 years. As you’d expect, there are always shenanigans afoot when these many guys get together and this year’s championship was no different. Finally, the boys continued with their favourite summer pass time and closed the show out by discussing what’s happening on Big Brother. There was some drama in the BB house this past week, and there was plenty to discuss heading into a new week.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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