How the NHL's Phase 2 plan will work:

The league launched a 21 page document that covered everything from COVID-19 screening to take a trip. Rob Pizzo breaks down what you require to understand from the release. 2:31

"We recognize that workers and players have family and home members who might fall under these susceptible categories."

  • If the Phase 2 plan gets the green light, on-ice sessions will be non-contact and involve up to 6 gamers, who will be expected to preserve physical distancing at all times. Players will be required to use masks when going into and exiting centers, and when unable to physically distance.
  • "Face coverings [cloth or surgical-type mask] shall be used at all times-- other than while working out-- when entering or leaving the club center and while inside the club center where social distancing can not be maintained," the memo read. "Players are not needed to wear face coverings when they are working out or on the ice."
  • Teams are likewise not permitted to need a gamer to go back to a club's house city to complete any necessary quarantine steps prior to the workouts begin. Coaches and management will be enabled to see, however not get involved in, the informal skates.

The last 2 stages of the return-to-play procedure-- training school followed by a resumption of video game action-- were not pointed out in the memo. Phase 1, which continues after a number of extensions, saw gamers advised to self-quarantine after the unique coronavirus paused the majority of the sports world some 10 weeks ago.

ENJOY "It has actually not yet been identified when specifically Phase 2 will start or how long it might last," the memo read. If the Phase 2 plan gets the green light, on-ice sessions will be non-contact and include up to six players, who will be expected to keep physical distancing at all times. Teams are also not permitted to require a gamer to return to a club's home city to finish any essential quarantine measures before the exercise begin. NHL gamers authorize 24-team playoff proposition:

The NHL Players' Association has authorized "additional negotiations" on a 24-team playoff format as the league bids to resume the 2019-20 season and award the Stanley Cup. The Phase 2 memo sent to teams Sunday and made public Monday also specifies players and personnel will be administered COVID-19 nasal swab tests two days prior to training starts, and will be tested twice a week later on.