One of the more infamous Calgary Flames transactions came three years ago today when the Calgary Flames signed Jaromir Jagr to a one-year deal.

Jagr joined the Flames for the final year of his NHL career. Appearing in only 22 games, Jagr scored one goal and seven points as a third liner.

He was still a great player providing offence at a five percent rate higher than league average and defence at a three percent rate higher than league average.

A combination of age, not having a full training camp and the speed of the game, however, led Jagr to being waived by the Flames in January 2018. Jagr ended up leaving the Flames and returning to the play for Rytiri Kladno, the team he owns, in the Czech2 league.

We’ll alwas have his first, and only goal as a Flame to remember him by.

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