The National Hockey League has sent a memo to NHL teams describing a pitch to hold its entry draft in early June.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported the league says they will need a month to prepare for the suggested draft date of June 5th.

The league feels that if they don’t hold the draft sooner than later, they’d be forced to hold it between the end of the current season, and the start of next — a timeframe nobody knows.

These are some suggestions the league has brought forth:

  • For trades with conditions, the league would propose solutions to both sides and the teams would have seven days to reform the deal and agree to acceptable terms or accept the NHL’s idea.
  • Points percentage would be used to determine the draft order.
  • Changing the lottery format this season only and picking just one winner. It would limit any move up to a maximum of four spots.

The proposed changes wouldn’t have much of an effect on the Canucks. Their first-round pick this year was dealt to the Tampa Bay Lightning as a part of a package for JT Miller, while their second was dealt in a package for Tyler Toffoli.

With concern rising over the inability to trade players and picks they normally would in any other year, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said it wouldn’t be a normal draft:

“While this is certainly a valid concern, the fact of the matter is that whenever we hold the 2020 Draft — in early June or ‘shoehorned’ into a short window in October or November — (it) is not going to be a typical NHL Draft. It is not going to look the same, it is not going to feel the same, and it is not going to be the same. While we may know more about next year’s landscape in terms of CBA, Salary Cap, and Escrow in November than we will in June, we are still not going to know everything, and there is still going to be a multitude of questions that have no answers. So, any comparison of the 2020 NHL Draft to a typical year’s Draft is not — and cannot be — an ‘apples to apples’ comparison.”

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reported the league is holding a board of governors call Monday to discuss the proposed idea.

The NFL, meanwhile, held a virtual draft last week widely considered to be one of, if not its best ever.

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