The NHL has released its phased return to play plan.

The information comes days after the NHLPA voted in favour of moving forward with a plan that would feature a 24-team format that includes play-in games.

The NHL has since brought forth the details of that plan. It walks through many of the procedures and steps the league and its teams need to follow. Included are details on:

  • General Description
  • Travel to the Club’s Home City
  • Testing for Infection and Antibodies
  • Temperature/Symptom Check
  • Education Session
  • Pre-Participation Medical Evaluation
  • Symptomatic Persons During Phase 2
  • Permitted Activities
  • Permitted Personnel
  • Social Distancing, PPE, and Other Safety Measures
  • Personal Safety Precautions
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Activities Outside of Club Facilities
  • Club Facilities
  • Club Facility Hygiene

You can take a look at the full protocol here.

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