<aCBC Sports'Jamie Strashin discusses HDA split from NHL:

The Hockey Diversity Alliance has announced it will separate from the NHL after

months of settlements. The initiative led by Black NHL players said it didn't see adequate action from the league, only performative public relations efforts. 2:03 The HDA indicated Item No. 6 of its pledge on Wednesday which states in part:"We will not support, partner with or accept assistance from any organization that has actually engaged in, failed or promoted to appropriately

react to racist conduct in their organization of any kind."In September, the NHL released a set of initiatives, including necessary training for players, intended at battling racial inequality and to promote addition. But the HDA said it felt a lack of commitment from

the NHL in putting the plan in place."We have waited numerous months for a response to the good sense HDA promise we proposed, and it is clear that the NHL is not prepared to make any quantifiable dedications to end systemic racism in hockey,"the HDA said in the declaration. @NHL and @ArizonaCoyotes should<sign the < #HDAPledge and begin practicing what they preach. Meyer-Crothers told the Arizona Republic previously in October he was shocked and saddened when he found out the Coyotes prepared Miller, who he stated ridiculed him with racist language and repeatedly struck him when they were growing up in a suburb of Toledo. Meyer-Crothers's mom, Joni, said Miller never ever personally said sorry to Isaiah or their household other than a court-mandated letter. The effort led by Black NHL players stated it didn't see sufficient action from the league, just performative public relations efforts."We have waited many months for an action to the typical sense HDA promise we proposed, and it is clear that the NHL is not prepared to make any measurable dedications to end systemic bigotry in hockey,"the HDA stated in the declaration.