The National Hockey League is now considering hosting hockey games in different cities where teams play.

The consideration comes after Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported that the league would not be pursuing neutral site games.

The neutral-sites idea looks like a no-go.

Instead, we’re looking at one NHL city per division to resume the season. Teams from that division would be brought to this location. And, it sounds like the plan is to complete the regular season — if possible. One idea, a triple-header per day at each location to get it done in three weeks. The players have to agree.

Looking at the CDC and Canadian information, I could see places like Edmonton, Minnesota and Raleigh being options if the league and the respective governments were willing.

There had been concern around the neutral site games from the beginning. Logistically, there was a lot that would need to be completed in order to host the games there. In many ways, it would’ve made things difficult on lots of those involved.

The league, of course, needs to consider the health and safety of players and all those involved in the games.

Much like they’ve done since the pandemic begun, the NHL is clearly showing they are trying to examine any and all options for getting games back in front of fans.

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