Looking to win their third game in a row for the first time since October 18th, the Oilers roll into Montreal tonight to face the struggling Canadiens. These two teams could not be sitting in more opposite spots right now. The Habs have lost seven games in a row heading and their playoff chances appear to be all but dead while the Oilers are coming off two of their most impressive wins of the season and are battling for a playoff spot in a very tight Pacific Division.

Everything points towards an Oilers victory in this one. The Oilers are red-hot, the Habs are ice-cold. Edmonton is coming off two days of rest while the Canadiens are playing their third game in four nights. They have a win against Montreal already this season and they’ve dominated the head-to-head matchups over the last couple of seasons. However, Oilers fans will be quick to point out that this is a ‘trap game’ and the Oilers have lost lots of games against some pretty bad teams this season. There is still good reason to be nervous about this matchup from an Oilers perspective.

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