Welcome, loyal citizens, to a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio that’s hot off the presses and ready to get you set up for the weekend. This week, we look at how the Oilers have fared so far this off-season as compared to the other seven teams in the Pacific Division, and whether or not Ken Holland has done enough to get them back into playoff contention.

To start off this week’s show, we kicked things off with a subject that’s near and dear to all of our hearts, which is, of course, the thought of Dave Tippett bringing back the Tip Stache. Earlier today, Jason Gregor posted an interview with the Oilers’ new bench boss and specifically asked whether or not the stache could make a triumphant return. The good news is that he wasn’t necessarily opposed to it, which filled our hearts with plenty of hope and joy. Next up, we got into a Pacific Division breakdown and looked at how the other seven teams have fared this offseason as compared to our beloved Oilers. When you look at the work the competition has done up until this point, how well do you think the Oilers have matched up? From there we looked at the goaltending situation in Edmonton and wondered how @Mikko Koskinen and @Mike Smith will work together. Does one goalie have an advantage over the other? Lastly, we got into a debate about a hypothetical situation of whether or not a normal person would have any chance of returning a Serena Williams serve and have it go in play. Is it possible? Do any of the guys think they could cut it in any professional sport? The answers may surprise you.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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