Happy Friday Oilersnation! The boys are back with another episode of Oilersnation Radio for your listening pleasure! Baggedmilk was off this week but Zach Laing stepped up and took his place. It was actually a fairly busy week for the organization as Ken Holland gave contracts to a few prospects. The guys discussed that and then dug into the recent All-Time Oilers team that was released by TSN.

Off the top, the guys went full-on “Arm-Chair GM” mode and talked about some tough decisions that Holland might have to make before next season. He’s been busy signing players but now he might need to make some moves in the offseason to make sure the Oilers can sign their pending free agents.

From there, the guys touched on the recent news from AHS and the NHL. The conversation was eventually brought back to the possibility of the NHL returning and the recent news from the Alberta Government gives some extra hope around the idea of Edmonton being used as a neutral site for the league. Rick and Tyler even touched on the news that golf courses will open up soon! Finally, they got to the Oilers All-Time team and Tyler had a horrendous slip up that will have you laughing. Enjoy the pod!

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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