Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an elimination day episode of Oilersnation Radio. We got this week’s podcast up bright and early to preview tonight’s game, discuss the later Oilers news, and figure out what the hell the boys need to do to get this series evened up.

To kick off today’s game day edition of Oilersnation Radio, we got started with a recap of Game 3 and what went wrong for an Oilers team that was only 20 minutes away from grabbing the series lead. We looked at what needs to change, what needs to continue, and how the Oilers need to play if they truly want to extend the series? Unfortunately, the team got some bad news yesterday when it was announced that Tyler Ennis is out indefinitely with a fractured leg so we tried to figure out what would be the best option to fill that absence. Will Dave Tippett go with Gaetan Haas who gives the team a few different looks and another penalty? Would he go with Joakim Nygard? How about in net? Could Game 4 be the time when the coach heads back to his veteran netminder, or will he keep rolling with Koskinen? Despite things not going our way on Wednesday night, we still wanted to talk positives as we prepare for a huge elimination game so we walked through the first three games of the series and broke down all of the good things the boys have done and what they can build upon. Lastly, we wrapped up this morning’s podcast with some score predictions and a homage to the GDB with a few NSOGDPs of our own.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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