Hello all you crazy cats and cool kids out there. It is I, the one who brought you the #NationSim1 and #NationSims2 feeds to your friendly neighbourhood twitch feed. Since we last left you on our twitch streams, the Oilers have come and gone for another playoff run and we are left in one of the weirdest off-season’s in my lifetime. Seeing as we are all not doing much these days I figured why not give away some more prizes and fun for you, the loyalist of Oilers fans.

In that frame of mind we are going to be trying to run a little trivia this Wednesday October 21st to see what we can do with the platform. There are three different types of trivia to mentally prepare for, running on three different platforms.

The Topics:

  1. 2019-20 Season/Team
  2. The 2006 Cup Final Run
  3. Twitch stream/current trivia

With a few wildcards thrown in there as well.

All you need to join is a positive attitude, a twitch account that follow us on twitch (just click here: to find all the information you need to know and the channel to follow) and make sure you have an email you’re comfortable with being contacted through if you’re the winner!

The feed will start right about 7PM MT, and shouldn’t take more than a half an hour to hand out all the prizes and trivia fun you can handle.


What: Oilers Trivia
When: 7PM MT
Why: To play and have some fun maybe winning some prizes from Oodle Noodle and NationGear

Hope to see you there!