Happy Wednesday, hockey fans! We’re back for another week of the gossip and drama that’s buzzing around the NHL. This week, we’ve got quite a bit of Leafs-related stuff to dive into, and a few tidbits from elsewhere around the league.

Leafs Lads (and Ladies)

How are our boys in blue handling the off season?

Well, we’ve got Jake Muzzin and family hanging out with Mitch Marner and his girlfriend at their cottage, we’ve got (now former Leaf) Kasperi Kapanen and his (maybe no longer) girlfriend causing a stir on social media by unfollowing each other and deleting pictures together, and we’ve got Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue once again delivering puppy content that makes us all swoon.

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But perhaps more importantly, what’s going on with the Leafs off-season moves?

Well, to start with – it certainly looks like Kyle Clifford doesn’t consider himself a Leaf anymore:

Furthermore, it certainly looks like Wayne Simmonds would very much like to consider himself a Leaf:

Read more on Wayne, HERE! We’ll have to wait a bit to see how this all unfolds, but we’ll definitely be watching.

What’s Happening in the Capital?

The Caps have been making some noise this week, as well. First, with reports that they did not take their Bubble Hockey seriously, choosing rather to party it up and enjoy their hotel life:

More details on the Capitals’ Toronto party HERE. 

In potential off-season moves news, it appears the Capitals have been talking to Mike Babcock:

I’m sure Leafs fans have some opinions on that.

Anarchy in Arizona

Things continue to look, uh, Not Great for the Arizona Coyotes, as they were late paying players’ bonuses:

This is not the first time the Coyotes have made headlines with their questionable off-ice operations. Hm.

Rotating Goalies

And finally, the goalie drama in Vegas continues. While Marc-Andre Fleury played game 1 against the Stars (a 1-0 loss), Robin Lehner was tapped for game 2 (a 3-0 win).

This came across our feed, and we’re absolutely keeping an eye on how it unfolds:


Enjoy your week, hockey gossip fans. See you next Wednesday!