Welcome back, gossip hounds. Apologies for taking an unexpected week off last Wednesday, but the real-life post election drama for this U.S. resident was a bit too overwhelming to focus on the more lighthearted hockey drama and gossip. Appreciate your understanding.

But that means we can load up a bit this week on the fun and entertaining things happening in and around the league. We’ve got some Halloween costumes, some cute pets, and some Twitter drama to look at! Let’s jump in, shall we?

Leafs Lads (and Ladies – and Babies and Pups?)

Leafs captain John Tavares and his adorable family, including pregnant wife Arynne, kicked off the Halloween season with these heartwarming family photos:

Cutest farm animals ever!

Elsewhere, most lovable goalie ever Jack Campbell babysat the Leafs’ newest baby (okay, fine, rookie) Nicholas Robertson. They enjoyed a cozy movie night in together:

And continuing the trend of sweet and adorable, Tessa Virtue, who is dating Morgan Rielly, hosted an Instagram live where Morgan and Mitch Marner chimed in with some questions and comments. Tessa joking around with the Leafs brings me immense joy. Also, Virtue-Rielly pup made an appearance!

And finally, Leafs star center Auston Matthews is shaving his epic mustache! Don’t worry, it’s for a good cause. See how you can help, and donate to Auston’s Movember fundraiser, here:

Sid The Kid Getting Hitched?

According to this translation of an interview with Evgeni Malkin, it would appear that The Kid himself, Sidney Crosby, is engaged:

Is it true? Has Sid finally been snagged for good?

Tony DeActivated

After a series of interesting tweets about the U.S. election, that culminated in this one

Tony DeAngelo seemingly deactivated his Twitter account.

He did return a few days later, with many tweets scrubbed from his timeline. It has been implied that the Rangers stepped in and made him shut it down and delete certain tweets, but the actual story remains unclear at this time.

Quick Hits Around the League

The NHL is still working on what next season will look like

Colin Wilson shared his moving story about his mental health struggles in The Player’s Tribune

And the league determined, somehow, that the charges against Dale Tallon were “unfounded.”


Thanks for tuning in week after week, and your patience with our brief hiatus. Stay well, gossip lovers. Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter.