Hello gossipiers! It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for our weekly write up of what’s making waves around the hockey world. While this week was certainly quieter than last, there’s still plenty to chat about. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Leafs Lads (and sometimes Ladies)

Let’s start with the cutest news in Leafsland – Mitch Marner’s dog Zeus is ready to get back to hockey.

Same, Zeus.

Elsewhere, Rasmus Sandin hung out with his brother and proud papa:

And Travis Dermott took some time to amplify BIPOC owned small businesses:

But of course the biggest news around Leafs world this past week was the signing of Joe Thornton! JUMBO IS A LEAF! Most fans seem excited at the news, but some hockey media (and fans of other teams) are questioning it:

The conversations were heated, but here at Page 6ix we’re on team Hockey Dads Are the Best, and we’re thrilled to welcome Jumbo to Toronto!

The Windy City

Over in Chicago, the Blackhawks posted a message to their fans that had many people scratching their heads. It is certainly A Choice:

One of the head scratchers might be none other than Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews

Interesting situation to keep an eye on.

Canucks Chaos

Canucks fans have been struggling with some of the off-season decisions the team is making, and it seems that there might be good reason for that skepticism.

Apparently there’s some bad blood brewing between Benning and current/former Canucks players. Might not bode well for a successful season.

Boston Betrayal

Former Bruin Torey Krug shared some new St. Louis swag on IG, and Bruins fans are Not Happy About It.

It’s one thing to leave and sign with a new team. Quite another to do so with the team that beat your old one for the Cup last season.

All Canadian Division?

And finally, rumours are swirling about the NHL format next season, with suggestions about an all-Canadian division:

This could be fun. Or chaos. Or both.

One Final Note

As a female writer orbiting the hockey/sports world, I wanted to take a moment today (for no reason in particular) to give a shout out to all the amazing, brilliant, insightful, hilarious women on hockey Twitter, in the sports media space, and in sports fan spaces. It’s incredibly gratifying to be surrounded by and engaged with such talent every day. I’m thankful for the community of women I’m part of, and I value their voices so much.


That’s all for this week, folks. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter, and your columnist once again joined the Locked On Boston Bruins podcast this week, and managed to get some good Leafs chatter in there. Check it out!