Me, on Monday morning: What on earth am I going to put in this week’s Page 6ix column???

Me, this morning: How on earth am I going to fit everything into this week’s Page 6ix column???

Gossip/drama fans, it has been a week. (Okay, it’s been like, two days of a ton of drama but it all fits into this week so let’s take a look, shall we?)


Let’s start with the Toronto, and Toronto-adjacent, boys (and girls). First up, we wished both Auston Matthews and captain John Tavares happy birthdays this past week. Hooray for another year!

Because next season hasn’t started yet, I still consider Kasperi Kapanen Leafs-adjacent, and the drama continues with him and (we assume?) ex-girlfriend Paige. Take a peek at Paige’s Twitter likes from this week:

Looks like things didn’t end so amicably for these two.

In other Leafs-adjacent news, speculation continues to mount as to whether Toronto is a realistic destination for pending UFA and current St. Louis Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo. Lots of chatter about things like contract structure and signing bonuses. But then, this morning, Leafs Twitter was abuzz because of this fascinating tidbit from Cam Janssen:

I suppose Cam Janssen would know a thing or two about dead hockey careers…

Elsewhere Around the League

The Hart Trophy winner was announced (Leon Draisaitl, in case you somehow missed it), and the PWHA ballots were released. There were a lot, and I mean a lot, of opinions.

A lot.

Meanwhile, ESPN released an article about the inner workings of the Hockey Bubbles, enticingly captioned “Sex, drugs, and the ‘prison yard'” by Greg Wyshynksi. Unfortunately for our entertainment, there was a lot less drugs and sex than the caption implied. But what there was, was controversy about food. Yep. Food.

You see, it is unclear how much food was actually provided for the players, and how much they had to pay for themselves. This sparked discussion, and quite a bit of it, on hockey Twitter.

(There are some fun tidbits in the article, though, so give it a read.)

Moving on. Yesterday, TSN aired Rick Westhead’s important documentary about the use/abuse of painkillers in the NHL.

Coincidentally, the official NHL Twitter account posted this yesterday:

Interesting timing, there.

And to finish us off for this week – this is a thing that happened:


That’s all for us this week. Make sure you’re following our Twitter account for all the little happenings that pop up between columns. Happy Wednesday!