Players get involved in one or the other, but not both."I think it's crucial to have business Canada step up and lead the way. If you don't have corporate sponsorship dollars, you can't have television, if you don't have television, you can't have presence, you can't have business sponsorship dollars."I believe females hockey players today live in a really financially precarious position," Wickenheiser said."Globally, the state of women's hockey is in a precarious location. Kendall Coyne Schofield wins fastest skater:

Less than a month after setting the world on fire with her speed at the NHL Skills Competition, Coyne Schofield was back at it once again as she took house the NWHL's fastest skater crown with a time of 13.90 seconds. 1:16

Wickenheiser, the four-time Olympic gold medallist and Hockey Hall of Famer, played in some obscure females's pro leagues, however never ever in the NWHL or the now-defunct Canadian Women's Hockey League.

The 42-year-old Shaunavon, Sask., native is in her final year of medical school at the University of Calgary and also works in the Toronto Maple Leafs' front office. The skillset offers Wickenheiser an unique perspective on unifying ladies's hockey amidst a pandemic, though something remains clear.

"The response on how to move forward is a real expert league partnering with the NHL, playing in structure at a smaller sized scale at growing it through the collaboration," Wickenheiser said.

"I see that as the only way forward, unless there are some really deep pockets that desire to be available in independently."

The PWHPA was the recipient of a few of those deep pockets last Thursday, when Secret deodorant pledged $1 million United States to money the 2021 Dream Gap Tour-- the biggest financial commitment to women's hockey in North American history.

Wickenheiser says the cash is one of lots of important components in the development of a sustainable females's hockey league.

"I think it's essential to have corporate Canada step up and blaze a trail. If you do not have business sponsorship dollars, you can't have tv, if you do not have tv, you can't have presence, you can't have corporate sponsorship dollars. It's a vicious circle of a chicken and an egg type of thing," she said.

Wickenheiser is dealing with PC Financial on the launch of their new PC Money account, that includes every day benefits.

"I believe females hockey gamers today reside in an extremely financially precarious position," Wickenheiser said. "It's a tough life, and the value of handling our spending and maximizing our budgets when it pertains to everyday basics has actually never ever been so important."

The Secret funding is a start, though NHL participation, increased visibility and further business sponsorships will all be key in the development of one women's hockey league.

In the meantime, Wickenheiser states the Dream Gap Tour should start off in small locations with some TELEVISION coverage while it battles the pandemic.

"Globally, the state of ladies's hockey is in a precarious place. We had some really great momentum until the pandemic hit and then it really set things back. I believe women's hockey deserves better and [we] have to be willing to think outside the box, and adjust as this pandemic move on."