Patrik Laine is in Switzerland skating with SC Bern of the National League and working on keeping himself in shape for the NHL season which for him will hopefully be sooner than later as he and his agent look to hammer out a deal with the Winnipeg Jets.

He shared some comments (in English) in the second half of this minute long team video (about 36 seconds in) about his decision to skate with the team and some of the factors that went into it.

The sight of a yellow SC Bern jersey and a white Winnipeg Jets lid with Jets blue pants and socks is a bit jarring, and only makes us hope for a deal to get done as soon as possible to get Laine in full Jets gear and back on North American soil.

Meanwhile his NHL coach Paul Maurice was asked about Laine’s decision to train with a European club and Maurice at least seems relieved that if he can’t be with the Jets, Laine is at least training with a professional hockey team of some sort.

17 days until the new NHL season starts and hopefully both Laine and Kyle Connor are a part of it.