It’s time to exhale…

Update: I probably should also clarify that at this time Marincin has not been assigned to the Marlies, and it is unlikely they will be until Hyman returns, especially with the Leafs playing in back to back games this weekend. Petan on the other hand has been sent down. 

I know many of you have a complex relationship with Martin Marincin, but having him as Marlies depth seems pretty decent. Having him take icetime away from Sandin and Liljegren might be a bit less appealing, but it’s probably the guys further down in the roster that will be impacted, not those two.

It’s also entirely possible that Marincin remains on the trade block, if a team wants to bring him in and get him used to their system in the AHL before calling him up, he might have a slightly higher value you now. That’s pretty much all there is to say on Marincin.

As for Petan, well, a lot of people seemed to be 100% confident that Petan would be claimed. To those people I say, welcome to the NHL and I assume this is your first day following this league. As much as a cheap, potentially middle six skilled winger with a feisty streak should be a no brainer to claim, there’s the issue of the fact that pretty much every team monitors their standard players contracts closely, don’t necessarily view him as a lock on their NHL roster, and frankly would rather make a deal for him with the Leafs that would see them swap a similar long shot prospect/AHLer for him.

From a Leafs perspective, getting these two players through waivers needs to be considered a win, as depth will eventually rule the roost, and with one more demotion looming before Hyman’s return, they’ve at least limited their risk.

As for when that other shoe drops, we’ll follow Mirtle’s lead and assume that Hyman won’t be back Saturday night. If the Leafs are going to put him in, they’ll need to complete a trade before tomorrow night, as they would have needed to waive someone today otherwise. Since trades are even less likely than a team making a waivers claim, it seems that we’re likely waiting until Wednesday to see Hyman, and the Flyers and Hawks games this weekend will be with the group we’ve known and loved so far this year.