Put to the test against the best team the NHL has to offer, a young Canucks team earned a 2-1 shootout victory. This game was a reminder of the intentions of Vancouver’s front office when they acquired JT Miller: to add experience to their forward group and get the team back into the postseason by bringing in a player who possesses the maturity that can only be gained from going toe-to-toe against the league’s best and finding ways to win, no matter the obstacles. And today, the Vancouver Canucks faced many obstacles against a Washington Capitals team that boasts the best record in the NHL. A Saturday matinee game on the east coast which the Canucks are notorious for starting sluggishly, they lost their most used defenceman halfway through the first period to injury. After surrendering the first goal of the game early in the first period, the Canucks decided that they would not roll over and hand the Capitals another win. Instead, they went punch-for-punch, save-for-save, and earned themselves a crucial two points in the standings. For a random game in November, it has the makings of being an important stitch in Vancouver’s tapestry.


After experimenting with new defence pairs, Green reverted back to the standard partners for today’s game. That is until Alex Edler left the game and did not return.



Game Thoughts

  • Can we take a second to appreciate this Quinn Hughes assist that won’t be shown on any stat sheets? This type of play isn’t uncommon on the backcheck but few have been as effective as this one.

  • The Canucks have gotten two consecutive strong starts from Jacob Markstrom who deserves full credit for this game. He was unbelievable from start to finish and stopped all 7 shooters in the shootout.
  • I’m not a fan of Zack MacEwen with Bo Horvat and JT Miller. He hasn’t shown the awareness that I’ve seen from him in the AHL and am willing to be patient with him but he doesn’t have the foot speed to keep up with those two.
  • Quinn Hughes’ poise at the offensive blueline continues to amaze me. Not only can he walk the line, create space, and attack downhill, but his ability to accept uncomfortable passes and clearing attempts is something to behold.