The Calgary Flames lost to the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday night by a 2-1 score. Here are selected reactions following the game.

Puck management challenges

Following the game, Flames head coach Bill Peters had a pretty straight-forward assessment of the loss:

We took two penalties, they got momentum. They scored on a turnover, we turned it over twice on their first one. And then they scored on a penalty on an inconsequential play in the neutral zone for the game-winner. So that’s their two goals, and we had a power play late and got our goaltender out and weren’t able to get the equalizer.

He added that he didn’t like their play with the puck in the third period, noting that if you don’t execute with the puck you won’t get any shots.

Tidier breakouts needed

Flames captain Mark Giordano laid out his explanation for the loss, putting the emphasis on their mistakes with their breakouts from their own zone.

You gotta give them credit, they’re obviously a great team. But we can be cleaner with our breakouts and execution. At the end of the day, it’s a hard-fought game. Pretty nice play by the guy behind the net, I guess, and a power play goal. That was the difference. We had our looks too. When you score one, mistakes get magnified. Tough way to lose.

The chronicles of Rittich

David Rittich, on getting nothing but a stick to the head on Svechnikov’s sick, lacrosse-style goal: “Yeah, but I also got a stick to the nuts, too, but the referee didn’t call that (either),”