Another Monday means a new episode of the Real Life Podcast, and this week’s show was, once again, jam-packed with all of the sweet, sweet Oilers talk and randomness that you could ever hope to hear.

To start off today’s episode, Chalmers made his triumphant return to the podcast and recapped his Ontario vacation which came complete with a Niagara Falls tour and a walk through the Hockey Hall of Fame, a building he ended up hating. Next up, the guys touched on the new podcast studio that’s been under construction in the basement at Little Brick for what seems like years now. With Chalmers back from vacation, Wanye and Jay walk him through the upgrades that needed to be done to be able to move the project forward. As you’ll soon hear, putting a podcast studio in the basement of a 100+-year-old building is a little bit more complicated and a lot more expensive than they originally anticipated. Lastly, the boys got into some music talk after Chalmers dropped another hot take that Queen wasn’t a very good band. Needless to say, when the boys get onto the topic of music the heat gets ramped up in the studio and inspires another classic argument.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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