A new week means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is set and ready for your earholes, and the boys are back with a fresh hour of laughs to hopefully brighten your day and help you ease into a new week.

To open today’s podcast, the boys started with a look at the Easter long weekend and how it was one of the strangest long weekends on record, seeing as the usual family get-togethers that happen at this time of the year were thrown out the window. Moving on to real life, the guys spend a few minutes discussing their feelings as they pertained to the tragic news that came out over the weekend after Colby Cave passed away as a result of a brain bleed. Needless to say, this news shook the hockey world to its core as everyone tried to process the loss of a hard-working young man that was taken far too soon. Next up, the guys tried to move on from the tragedy with a look at Gary Bettman making the rounds in the media and talking about how the NHL wants to continue their season, though, he has admitted that a cancellation could be in the cards. Changing gears entirely, the guys started talking about keeping their minds right during this lockdown, which somehow transitioned to a discussion about their addiction to Words with Friends. As it turns out, everyone is addicted to the Scrabble knock-off and each of the guys had their own specific strategy. Lastly, the show fell off the rails completely when the boys started talking about their dreams, including Baggedmilk and Chalmers wishing they could somehow figure out a way to control them.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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