The start of a new week means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is set and ready to get you started on another week in self-isolation. This week, the boys looked at the NBA reopening its practice facilities, great TV shows from the early 2000s, comets getting too close to the earth, listener questions, and a lot more.

To kick off today’s podcast, the guys jumped in with a look at how they’ve been living over the past few days and what they’ve been doing to fill the time. As this period of self-isolation continues, the guys have had to get creative with how they fill their days and it’s led to participating in some unique activities. Somehow, this conversation led to some space talk as it was reported over the weekend that there is a monstrous comet that’s set to pass by the earth. Did you know that Wanye is a big space guy with all kinds of random knowledge about comets and asteroids? Changing gears entirely, the boys looked back at some old TV shows, including the Tom Green Show and Pimp My Ride, which prompted a discussion about what luxury they’d like to add most into their own whips.

Back to sports, the NBA will be opening up their training facilities in the coming days as a means of trying to get themselves going again, and the boys wondered how that will affect the NHL. Finally, the guys wrapped up today’s podcast with another round of listener questions and offered up some free advice on an array of topics from life to sports to business and everything in between.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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