Another Monday is upon us and that means the boys were back with a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast to get you through the week. This week, the guys looked at Jay’s back alley shenanigans, the NHL’s plan to return to play, The Last Dance, and more.

To kick off this week’s episode, the boys got started with a look at the reopening of businesses and how much it means to everyone to do normal things that we may have taken for granted in years past. With the pandemic still in full effect, people from all walks of life have been finding new ways to connect with one another and the boys took a moment to appreciate this silver lining in an otherwise dark time. Changing gears, the guys got an update from Jay on the back alley shenanigans that he brought up a couple of weeks back. With upgraded surveillance equipment in hand, Jay walked us through the next steps in his battle against stray cats and coyotes that have been congregating behind his house. Back to sports, the guys walked through the 24-team playoff tournament that was approved by the NHLPA this past weekend and what might happen as the league inches towards getting back on the ice. Lastly, the boys finished up today’s podcast with a look at The Last Dance and what everyone thought about the 10-part docu-series that hit Netflix this past month. Can you even call it a docu-series when Michael Jordan had the last say on what made it to air?

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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