Another Thursday is upon us which means another episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to wrap up the week and get you set for the long weekend. This week, the guys look at Chalmers’ time away from the podcast, the Oilers’ disappointing play-in round, the NHL playoffs, and a whole lot more.

To kick off the Thursday episode of the podcast, the guys got started by welcoming Chalmers back to the podcast after a month away for work. From raising a building on Vancouver Island to turning down a dancing role in a Hallmark Channel movie to learning how TV remotes work, it goes without saying that Chalmers’ time away from the show was incredibly eventful and the story is something you’ll want to hear for yourself. Getting back to hockey, Chalmers finally got the chance to unload on the Oilers after their disappointing play-in series against the Chicago Blackhawks, which rekindled all of the anger and hurt feelings despite the team getting bumped out nearly a month ago. Sticking with hockey, the guys looked at the NHL playoffs and laid out their predictions on how the rest of the second round will shake out, including a discussion on which teams they’re putting some money on to go deep. Lastly, the guys wrapped up today’s podcast with a look at what’s going on in the Big Brother house, breaking down the veto competition, who’s making mistakes, and what to expect from tonight’s eviction ceremony.

Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:

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