Another Thursday is upon us which means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to help wrap up the week and get you set for the weekend. This week, the boys welcomed Chalmers back to the podcast after weeks away, dropped some incredible Wanye news, broke down the upcoming weekend in the NFL, and welcomed Scott Hastings from OddsShark to talk about the world of betting.

Kicking off today’s podcast, the boys expressed their shock and joy as Chalmers was actually available to record a podcast for the first time in what seems like forever. After the welcoming party died down, Chalmers jumped in with his annual home-winterizing tips for the boys as he’s basically the only one of the podcast that isn’t completely useless. After weeks away from the podcast, Chalmers had a list of subjects that he needed to cover and the first 20 minutes of the show was spent with rants on varying topics. From there, the podcast took a hard turn after Chalmers coaxed Wanye to reveal the news about having a son, a secret that the boys had been waiting to talk about for quite some time. With the secret finally out there, the boys spent the next chunk of the podcast probing and quizzing Wanye on what it’s like to be a new dad and how Lil’ Wanye has changed his life over the past month. From there, the conversation transitioned to the work Wanye and Jay are doing at Little Brick with the construction of a winter patio as they’re looking for a new way for Edmontonians to enjoy the tundra. Lastly, the guys wrapped things up by welcoming Scott Hastings from OddsShark to the podcast as he helped to break down NHL free agency, betting trends from the NFL, and the latest news in the world of sports.

Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:

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