Happy Family Day, Nation! Even though it’s a holiday, we’ve still got a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast to get your week started. On today’s show, the guys covered Tom Brady’s Super Bowl celebration, stonks, the Edmonton Oilers, and a whole lot more.

Kicking things off, the podcast got started with a classic Chalmers rant about fast food delivery, which somehow tied into an Oodle Noodle ad that Jay probably would have hated had he been on the podcast. When things finally got back on track, the guys looked at Lorraine Grohs’ viral video from the weekend after she complained about Tom Brady throwing the Lombardi Trophy from boat to boat during the Super Bowl celebration. Needless to say, the reactions to the video were hilarious. From there, the conversation took a turn back to the Stonk Market, allowing Baggedmilk and Wanye to give their hottest takes from the world of investing. Back to the Oilers, the guys looked at tonight’s matchup against the Winnipeg Jets and tried to figure out whether or not the team is for real as they seem to be turning a corner and stringing some wins together. That said, are you able to put too much stock into the fact that four of the last seven wins came against the Ottawa Senators? We’re only a few hours from finding out.

Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:

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