Luke Schenn was an afterthought in the Canucks trade with the Anaheim Ducks that saw Michael Del Zotto head So-Cal. But after the Canucks ran into some more injuries, Schenn was recalled and performed well for a team looking for size on the backend.

He looked particularly strong as a partner for Quinn Hughes.

The Canucks wanted to get him signed to another deal to provide more depth to the backend but it appears that they won’t be able to come to terms and Schenn will be heading somewhere else:

It may have ultimately come down to the term or compensation for Schenn – the Canucks may have been only willing to go so high and once he was able to talk to other teams, the market gave him a little more.

If he does sign somewhere else, the Canucks will likely look for someone of the same style as it’s clear that they want to add size to the backend and want to ensure they have enough depth to weather the injury storm throughout the season.

For Schenn, if Tampa Bay is the destination, you can’t really blame him. Tampa Bay needs cost-controlled depth players that can help them get over their disappointing playoff performance this past year.