The NHL and NHLPA have gained traction on a 24-team playoff format, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reported Sunday.

The report comes days after Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman laid out what the format could look like. Suggestions appear that the league would have four hubs.

The Metropolitan hub would feature Washington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Carolina, the Islanders and Columbus.

The Atlantic would see Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Florida, Montreal and the Rangers.

In the Central would be St. Louis, Colorado, Dallas, Winnipeg, Nashville and Chicago.

And lastly, the Pacific hub would see Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Vegas, Arizona and Minnesota.

The first round “becomes” a five-game round robin — with a handicap by standings at arrival of the pause. Based on points percentage, the seeds could be given from 10 points (first) to 0 (sixth) at the start. If you think that’s too much, maybe go from five points to zero. That way, every team that comes back gets a minimum of five games.

Top four move on to the next round, and decide if we’re dealing with best-of-five or best-of-seven from then on. – Friedman

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