Ryan Reynolds states if he is part of an effective quote to buy the Ottawa Senators, his fandom for the group will reach unforeseen heights.The actor and

business owner was speaking to Derek Monias, the student chief at Dennis Franklin Cromarty school in Thunder Bay, Ont., when he made the comments.The school's radio

club-- which has a partnership with CBC Thunder Bay-- released the discussion on YouTube Wednesday. "If we advance with the Ottawa Senators

I will be a frothy, rabies-infused fan the similarity which the NHL has never ever seen,"Reynolds stated."There's not excessive I can say about that now, but I have a genuine connection to Ottawa, to the community of Ottawa. " Actor Ryan Reynolds gestures towards a fan as he is recognized during a break in the play as the Ottawa Senators take on the Vancouver Canucks in Ottawa Nov. 8, 2022. Reynolds has an interest in an ownership stake in the Senators franchise.(Justin Tang/The Canadian Press) Reynolds said he sees the potential in the franchise to grow beyond even nationwide and provincial borders.

"I think that the Ottawa Senators as an organization can take off, not simply within its own neighborhood within Canada, but also globally and that's something I'm deeply thinking about," he stated.

"We'll see where it cleans."

He likewise stated he's discovered a lot about how the NHL works behind the scenes

"The journey's also been actually intriguing," he said.And it seems for Reynolds, the journey is as essential as the location.

A man stands in front of a Zoom interview that's being projected on the screen.
Student Chief Derek Monias interviews Ryan Reynolds as teacher Greg Chomut looks on. (Joaquin Powassin/CBC)

Sports and storytelling

Reynolds-- who owns a gin distillery, telecom business and Welsh soccer team-- said the common thread for his interests surpasses the surface.

"I in fact would be so strong as to state that there's a kind of a connective tissue, or a through-line, between all of these things. And it's that I like storytelling," he stated.

"It's constantly about the story. You don't understand where it's going or what it's going to be, but if you're listening and you have a pretty open mind and an open heart as you're doing it, you can uncover some quite magnificent moments."

What has drawn him to sports particularly are the stories of professional athletes hammering out hardship at the greatest levels of their sport.But it goes

beyond individuals for him.

"I enjoy that part of sports-- and I think that's why I've gotten included with sports ownership -- due to the fact that I like informing, not just the story of the team, but I like telling the story of the neighborhood around that team," he said.

"More often than not the 2 are inextricably linked."

"If we advance with the Ottawa Senators

I will be a frothy, rabies-infused fan the likes of which the NHL has actually never ever seen,"Reynolds stated. Reynolds is interested in an ownership stake in the Senators franchise."I really would be so vibrant as to say that there's a kind of a connective tissue, or a through-line, in between all of these things."It's always about the story.