When I first started working at the Nation, Wanye and I put together a survey to give you guys a voice in how we do things around here. Now, six years and many changes later, it’s time to dust off the ol’ survey machine to get your thoughts on how we’re doing.

My relationship with the Nation started in much the same way as many of you reading this right now: I read the site, threw hot takes in the comments section, and prayed for better days for our beloved hockey squadron. In those days, I was just happy to mix it up with readers and have a place to go and talk with other Edmonton fans, never thinking that I’d be working at the place a few years later. At the time I was hired, I had no idea how the website worked, what it takes to make it run, that ad networks exist, or even that the Internet was more than just a place for free porn. Needless to say, the learning curve in this space has been a lot steeper than you’d probably expect — way more goes into it than the dumb shit I post here and on social media. And that’s why we wanted to take a step back, open the floor, and give you guys another say in how things run around here.

The first time we put out a survey like this, we got tonnes of feedback that we legitimately used in our business plan moving forward, and that’s the exactly what we hope to do again today. We need loyal citizens like yourselves to let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see more of in the future so that we can all move this project forward together. As the site and community continue to grow, we want to make sure that we’re not straying too far away from our roots and what made this place fun in the first place. Yeah, we have bills and obligations to take care of in order to keep the lights on, but we also know that without all of you that this show gets cancelled. We want to make sure that you guys know that your feedback is being heard and that we’re actually going to use it to improve how we operate. And if you want to tell me off and make sure that my bosses see how badly I suck then this is your opportunity to do that too, and who wouldn’t want to participate in that kind of shenanigans? Sounds fun, right? Of course it does.

Below you’ll find the link to the quick 5-minute survey that we put together as a means of taking in as much feedback as we can about the site, how it runs, who writes here, the appetite for a Nation app, NationGear, and everything in between. As a thank you for the time and thoughts, everyone that enters their email address at the end of the survey will get a discount code to use at the NationGear store as well as being entered to win some prizes that will be selected at random.

Check out the survey here.