The smartwatch has now become a must-have accessory for athletes, always careful to monitor their activity and keep track of progress made in terms of athletic performance. Almost everyone wears it in the gym, demonstrating how important it is today to have a wearable device that records information on heart rate, calories burned, acceleration, steps taken and so on.

A real must have for fitness fanatics, in short, a trendy accessory that is not just a quirk but a sort of digitized personal trainer.

In order to exploit all its potential, we recommend that you check that the sports smartwatch you intend to purchase has the common characteristics of wearable devices, namely the heart rate monitor, pedometer, GPS and heart rate monitoring.

The operating systems of wearables

On the market at the moment there are really lots of sports smartwatches. And although these watches basically and basically have the same functions, at the time of choice it is necessary to take into account some factors of no small importance. One of the first differences between one sports smartwatch and another ​​is to be found essentially in the operating system.

It is the potential and the performance of the latter that affect the cost of the device, determining its functionality, speed, battery life and memory capacity.

The most famous operating systems of these fitness watches are WatchOS and Android Wear, the latter obviously developed by the homonymous giant supported by most of the latest generation smartphones. The choice of the wrist device is consequently connected to the smartphone itself, in the sense that a smartwatch can interact with the phone only if they mount the same operating system. It’s recommended to buy from Watch Shopping as the watch shop provides a lot of watches equipped with fitness-related features. You can choose based on your needs and preferred OS.

Samsung fans will therefore have to opt for an Android sports watch, while Apple’s aficionados will necessarily have to find their way around a WatchOS device if they want the two devices to be connected to each other. Then there is Pebble, a universal operating system that is compatible with both Android and IOS, although it should be emphasized that it limits some functions.

But why is it so important to connect smartwatches and smartphones?

Simple: first of all because the watch is able to vibrate every time you receive a phone call or a message and then because the more expensive and advanced models allow you to send sms and forward calls through the dictation function.

Choose the smartwatch based on the sport you practice

Once the discussion related to the operating system has been clarified, all that remains is to understand what other features to consider when choosing a sports smartwatch to keep always with you.

For example, the intended use of the device should be evaluated, in the sense that if you love trekking or any other activity that involves contact with nature you will need to opt for a shock-resistant and waterproof watch. With the weather and all the risks that come with it always lurking, it is essential that the appliance is robust and rainproof, snow proof and so on.

For those who swim, dive or intend to venture into the ironman’s hard races, then, it becomes essential to choose a watch that has a water resistance of at least 20 bar, 200 meters, unless you want to change it very often. Even autonomy is of extreme importance in choosing the best smartwatches: it goes without saying that a mountaineer about to climb a new peak and spend several days outdoors will need a smartwatch equipped with an excellent battery, while a simple Amateur jogger could settle for a low-end model to load every day.

Naturally the autonomy of the battery is linked to the properties of the screen: a color smartwatch has a higher consumption than a black and white device, which is why these characteristics are to be carefully evaluated at the time of purchase.

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