I have a four-year old nephew called Owen who is presently going through his "Why?" stage. No matter what you inform him, he will always respond with the word "why".

Uncle Rob: Owen, it's time to eat.Owen: Why?Uncle Rob
: Because it's supper time.Owen: Why?Uncle Rob: Because.
(Editor's note: Maybe
Owen is wiseto your cooking skills.)As irritating as that can be, I can't believe however help that there's a bit of a questioning child in all people. I

have found myself asking"why?" often times while enjoying hockey. And when I do, individuals generally take a long pause prior to reacting, "Because."Here are a couple of"Why?"questions from the first few weeks of the season: A group that is short-handed gets to ice the puck. WHY? I have never understood this one. You broke a guideline, you have been penalized, so why do you all of a sudden get a reprieve? Name another guideline in sports that gives a penalized team a break. This is so basic: if you devote an infraction, you ought to be forced to be out-manned until the charge is over. A high-sticking charge is 2 minutes, unless there is blood, then it's four. WHY? I was ill the day they taught emergency treatment in school, however I do know that blood is not

constantly a sign of seriousness. A strong whack to the face can be way more unpleasant then a graze that

produces a couple drops of blood. The referees are paid to understand the difference between a minor and significant so let them manage it. New Jersey's Nico Hischier reveals referee Wes McCauley his bloody lip.

(Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) When a goalie gets a charge, a colleague serves it. WHY? Envision being found guilty in court and right after the

judge hands down his sentence, you look at the bench and say"

Ok, reasonable enough, but my pal Steve will be serving the jail time for me." I'm not even going to state that a punished team has to have an empty internet; they can utilize their back-up. But if Carey Price gets a penalty,

he should have to being in package and feel pity like everybody else. When a goalie leaves his crease to play the puck, you can't strike him. WHY? Goalies have the defense of their crease.

It's their designated area to stop pucks and you shouldn't have the ability to touch them because blue paint. If they desire to leave that protective bubble and extend their tasks beyond just preventing goals, I say they're reasonable video game. A group can lose a game and still earn a point. WHY? I understand, I understand, the charity point, blah blah. From a business perspective, I understand why it exists(

more teams in the running for a playoff spot equates to more

dollars), but competitively I hate it. In sports, there is a loser and a winner, that's why we keep rating. You get the points if you win. If you lose, you go home with nothing. Did I miss out on any? Let me know in the comments listed below. You broke a rule, you have been penalized, so why do you unexpectedly get a reprieve? I'm not even going to say that a punished team has to have an empty internet; they can utilize their back-up. A group can lose a game and still earn a point. I understand, I know, the charity point, blah blah. If you win, you get the points.