Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman has expressed optimism that the 2021 will happen.

The league has been targeting a January start date — one that will be likely pushed back from the 1st. Despite that, Yzerman said the league and players association have been fantastic.

“I’m very optimistic,” Yzerman said to the Detroit Free Press. “I’m hopeful. I don’t really have any control over it.  The league can only control so much, as well. I think the Players Association and the league, the cooperation from both sides has been fantastic. It’s my understanding they’re working together now to put a plan in place.

“Ultimately we’re restricted by international governments — the Canada-US border —local, state governments. Right now it looks like we’ll be able to come up with some kind of plan, but I don’t know specifically what that is.

“And then I kind of keep my fingers crossed that things don’t go sideways again and we are not able to play. I’m optimistic we will come up with something that works, and we’re just kind of waiting for any guidance from the league as to what the plan will be.”

It’s been a long-time since the Wings have been on the ice, with their last game being played on March 10th. They will, however, be one of seven teams who will get a few extra weeks of training camp heading into next season.

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