Anastasia Bucsis is joined by Olympic champion Cheryl Pounder to go over how this will impact the Olympics, and the future of women's hockey. While the International Ice Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada vow to hold the females's champion in Canada this year, when will they play a video game that isn't an intrasquad is a concern that continues to go unanswered." I'm a hockey fan. " It's hard not to look at it through that lens for sure." Canada's

lineup for in 2015's champion was set when that tournament was cancelled, so Hockey Canada made it public in recognition of the work the females did to make that team.

Head coach Troy Ryan of Spryfield, N.S., and his staff, along with director of nationwide women's hockey teams Gina Kingsbury, were about to begin the heavy discussions over which players would be called to the Canadian team when the tournament was cancelled.

Thursday was going to be a challenging day for the gamers launched, however it turned out to be a sad day for all.

" It just seemed like we got the carpet took out from under us," Nurse said.

Kingsbury said a 2021 roster would not be released.

Canada's 47-player choice camp that ended abruptly and the world championship lineup that would have been selected from it are key pieces of preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Digesting frustration

Hockey Canada has bit in the way of game data to choose a "centralization" lineup of approximately 30 players who will gather in Calgary in August and start working toward Beijing.

" I don't think we're in a position right now to know what our next relocation is and how we get ready for Beijing," Kingsbury said.

" We'll work closely together as a group and put together the finest possible plan to ensure we're successful in Beijing and our professional athletes are ready and get the experience and opportunities they deserve here moving forward.

" To be truthful, today we're just digesting this frustration."

Most of the Canadian group was playing in the Canadian Women's Hockey League when the CWHL folded in the spring of 2019.

Those players and American stars became the faces of the Professional Women's Hockey Players' Association (PWHPA) working to develop a league that provides a living wage and the competitive assistances guys's leagues have.

The PWHPA ran "Dream Gap Tour" competitions and games on both sides of the border in 2019-20. The pandemic knocked similar strategies for this season sideways.

The PWHPA's American chapter played a couple of games in the U.S. in current weeks, but the Canadians have not due to the fact that of tighter pandemic restrictions in their nation.

While the NHL, AHL and other males's pro hockey leagues carry on, Canada's top female players stay in limbo.

" Our group in a manner feels as if our sport is on hold," Jenner said. "It exceeds just one tournament. We've just had a string of bad luck in females's hockey.

" There's a great deal of layers to it. I'm still processing it and my teammates are too. It would be great to catch a break in the near future."

For the Nova Scotians wanting to represent Canada on house ice, the frustration was intense.

They felt the competition could assist recover a province in which 22 individuals were killed in a mass shooting just over a year earlier at the same time the pandemic was coming down upon the globe.

" The only thing we were going to bring into this province was enjoyment, joy, and a bit of life at a time when I know all of us required it most," Haligonian forward Jill Saulnier wrote Thursday in a social networks post.

Anastasia Bucsis is joined by Olympic champ Cheryl Pounder to discuss how this will affect the Olympics, and the future of females's hockey. Canada's females's team has played a total of 5 global games in the last 2 years. While the International Ice Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada vow to hold the females's championship in Canada this year, when will they play a video game that isn't an intrasquad is a question that continues to go unanswered." I'm a hockey fan. This year's males's under-18 championship starts Monday in Frisco, Texas.

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