It looks like another locker room shakeup is coming. By shake up, I mean someone is shaking up a can of paint to rid the room of it’s previous slogan…

RIP to the Leafs nonsensical, begging to be misinterpreted slogan and hello to a clean canvas begging for our input.

I fancy myself an expert on inspiring others, so I give you my top 10 recommendations for what the Leafs new slogan should be…


When have we ever known things to go wrong in Toronto? This is the perfect celebration of how there are nothing but clear skies and smooth water for the Leafs going forward.


This one might not be as good as a slogan as much as it is a summary of the Leafs special teams strategy in the first 23 games of the season.


Oh crap. I meant to include this one on a list for Senators slogans. Because no one is watching.


If this hasn’t already been MLSE’s strategy for years, I’d be shocked.


Now, solve for X.

Dubas will love that the team will have to do some math.


Truly inspiring, and would in no way be embraced ironically by the team.


How about this favourite from Randy Carlyle? In fact, go with anything from Randy Carlyle, one of the greatest philosophers of our time.


I hate myself for including this one, but I don’t want to deal with The Office fans for not including it. Are you happy Office fans? You’ve received your comfort food.


I guess rather than painting this on, they’ll need to install a monitor, but nothing says “the bad man has left forever” quite like these soothing words and calming imagery.


It worked in Major League.

In closing, I’m sorry to say there is nothing I can do to give you back the two minutes of your life you spent looking at this. All we can do now is dust ourselves off and move forward with some level of grace and civility. Godspeed.