On Monday night we had our digital playoffs finish off in less than a satisfying way. The Digital Edmonton Oilers fell to the Digital Dallas Stars in Game Seven of the Western Conference Finals. We all won together and we lost together and I could not be more proud to be a part of something that was a blast for people to tune into in these weird times. Now we start to plan for “tomorrow”.

How the playoffs went down:

If you haven’t had a chance to check out how things went in the first two rounds, I spent a day or three putting this together for you.

Nation Playoff Sim – Round Two Recap and Third Round Schedule

The Western Conference finals went as such:

GM 1 – 3-0 Dallas
GM 2 – 4-3 OT Dallas
GM 3 – 4-3 Dallas
GM 4 – 3-2 Oilers
GM 5 – 4-3 Oilers
GM 6 – 7-3 Oilers
GM 7 – 3-0 Dallas

The Eastern Conference finals went like so:

GM 1 – 6-1 New York
GM 2 – 4-2 Washington
GM 3 – 3-2 New York
GM 4 – 3-2 Washington
GM 5 – 3-0 New York
GM 6 – 4-3 Washington

Game Seven:

1st –

WSH – 0:45 Backstrom (Oshie)

2nd –

WSH – 9:17 Kuznetsov (Eller, Wilson)


NYI – 4:18 Pageau (Bailey, Pulock)
NYI – 5:06 Koivula (Boychuk, Komarov)
NYI – 18:46 Beauvillier (Brassard, Pulock)

Three Fists-

3. NYI A. Beauvillier (1G)
2. NYI R. Pulock (2A)
1. NYI S. Varlamov (29 saves, .935 SV%)
The Wrap: 
The Islanders do the the unthinkable and go from WC2 status to Stanley Cup finals against the Dallas Stars. I can’t help but be a little sad for the loss of a Oilers/Islanders rematch.

There are a plenty of silly crazy ideas I have had. There have been wild and fun suggestions from you guys. So I wanted to get everything together into a thread of our thoughts and ideas and hear what you would like to see. I have some I leaning towards but I want to read in the comments what you would like to see.

The Series:

Watch the Isles/Stars

Not my favourite idea, but if that’s what you guys want I can run the streams just the same and we can chat about it.

Digital Playoffs 2.0

The most simple of the options for everyone. We redo the playoffs 2.0. The biggest choice to make would be whether we start from the start and or just start from where the playoffs left off and have the Oilers play the Islanders in the finals.

Either way, I would maintain the same rating and so it’s not going to be easy.

World Championships

What happens after the playoffs for the Oilers? Well if we’re being honest, being eliminated in the third round, nothing. But this is our digital world now, and so we can do what we want.

In a “strange decree” by the IIHF they actually requested a tournament between countries and the Edmonton Oilers. The real choice here is the countries we will play in the tournament.

2018 Olympics

We were robbed of the 2018 Olympics by the money people and what better time to undo that wrong than right now?

We kind of come to consensus on some picks for the teams. Put together some last chance picks that people can vote on and voila. (also make sure we have an Oiler on each team of course)

The Revisit of 2006

Pretty plain, we’re still mad about the 2006 outcome and we are here to take our revenge. The Oilers versus Carolina, redone. No MAB.

You pick the three players from the former team and we create them and add them to the team. Alternatively we could redo Game Seven with Roli in the net.

The All-Alumni Tournament

One of the cooler features that NHL20 has is the all-alumni teams. Every team has it.

We could create any kind of tournament we want for it. All Canada tourney? Take on the top teams? Run a whole season of it?

Science Experiments:

These are more things that I can do when given some time in between streams.

The Connor Effect

Inspired by the folks over at Yahoo, who created an entire experiment where they created a team full of Mike Trouts (pitchers included)

I go in and create a custom team with Connor McDavid at every single position. We play out a season (with some select games streamed) and we see how it goes). That means a Connor goalie too.

The Dark Timeline

Go through the league and pick out players that we missed out, didn’t use correctly or traded away.

Think Devan Dubnyk in net. Cogliano on the third line. That kind of thing.

Drafting Custom Teams

So one of the cooler features with the EA system is being able to create teams from scratch and giving them life with a draft or adding players that you want to add. That kind of thing.

It’s a bit of work but my idea would be to create 31 new franchises, with your help and draft a new league to exist in.

The Challenges

We look to create some charity challenge type things where people take me on, probably school me in a marathon style event where we do it to benefit charity.

Logistics of this are pretty big and tough to put on but if it’s something we want to do, we can.

The Wrap:

I am kind of leaning towards the 2018 Olympics redo. I am being drawn in by the call of the McDavid and Crosby together dominating the world. This isn’t about me, however. I would love to hear what you want to do.

Tomorrow night, I will be hopping on stream just to hang out with you fine folks and hear from you as to what you want to see happen. 7pm MT. I will be playing along and just able to chat with you guys for about an hour about things you want to see.