After last night’s debacle of a Winnipeg Jets game against the Montreal Canadiens, head coach Paul Maurice came out and stated that he and the club wasn’t going to dwell too much on just how bad things were.

Fair enough, and being that it’s Christmas Eve and all, I won’t spend too much time thinking about it either.

Except for the following three things which aren’t just limited to this one bad, no good game from last night.

The penalty-kill remains bad.

At this point, I am more surprised when the Jets don’t give up a goal as I am when they do. With as bad as the defense is and which how easily they give up the front of the net, it’s a perfect storm.

It’s just too easy to score on the Jets when they are a man down right now. Also I’m not sure what happened to Laurent Brossoit on this play and with Brendan Gallagher right there I know some thought it was a case of goalie interference but I don’t know that Gallagher ever touches him here and at this rate it’s not worth challenging because if the refs rule that it’s not interference, then the Jets go right back to the PK and.. well it’s not good at the moment.

Poor Brossoit

48 shots against and look at the 5 on 5 heat map from last night to see just how well the Habs were able to attack the net.


Not that Brossoit had a great night – the third goal against him came as a direct result of him making an awful decision to go behind his net to try and play the puck but fumbling it away – but four goals against right on his doorstep makes for a really tough outing that you can’t totally fault him for.

What if that first goal had counted?

I’m not going to go into another rant about how ridiculous the offside rule is and how even dumber reviewing it to wipe out a goal that happened 30 seconds after the initial zone entry is, because anyone that actually likes fun and offense knows this.

But I can’t help but wonder if the game would have turned out different had the Jets first goal of the game early in the first period off a really nice passing play that ended on the stick of Patrik Laine had counted.

The Jets had all kinds of momentum early in the game – they actually had a fantastic start which makes the end result of this game even more frustrating.

Patrik Laine did end up with a goal on the night however, so he has goals in five of his last seven games played and maybe we can chill out with the whole “man, wish he still scored goals” talk because he’s on pace for 32 goals and an 80 point season which would be a career high. He’s going to be fine.

Sure hope we can say the same about the Jets soon.