The Jets downed the Ducks yesterday afternoon in an exciting hockey game that had plenty of action. Despite some lackluster defense at times, the Jets managed to hold onto the lead in the closing moments of the third period. As the title suggests, the game didn’t go quite according to plan with the struggling Ducks visiting town, but a win still counts as two points no matter what.

As far as talking points go, I’m sure you can guess what the biggest one is after yesterday’s game. If you didn’t catch the action, here’s what you missed.

1) Ehlers Fighting Getzlaf

What? Did that really happen? There are two main things here. Ehlers is not a fighter, and Getzlaf is a very large man in comparison to Ehlers.

Getzlaf is listed at 6’3, 228 lbs, while Ehlers currently sits at 6’0 and 172 lbs. Fights aren’t supposed to happen between players with 56 pounds of weight difference, yet here we are. To be honest, Ehlers never really stood a chance in this fight, although he didn’t even do too bad considering the size disparity.

When watching the replay, there really isn’t too much that happens during the fight. They tussle a little bit, but there aren’t many punches that are thrown or landed.

After the game, all of the talk was about this play with several players responding to questions about the encounter.

Even though Ehlers probably shouldn’t be fighting given his skillset, it’s interesting to see this side of his game as he becomes a larger presence within the dressing room.

Although this was the talk of the dressing room, there were other things that happened during the game than Ehlers’ fight.

2) Scheifele Milestone

With two goals yesterday, Mark Scheifele reached 400 points for his career. It seems just like yesterday that the team was drafting Scheifele with their first ever pick as a franchise. To see that player become such an important piece of the organization has been remarkable to watch.

With his status firmly as a top line centre, there will surely be hundreds of more points throughout his career. The really interesting thing about this milestone is that of players drafted by the franchise, only Kovalchuk reached 400 points in fewer games than Scheifele did.

Projecting players down the road, both Connor and Laine might have a chance to eclipse Scheifele’s record although both players are behind Scheifele’s points per game pace. Although you never know what might happen with Laine scoring a point per game currently.

3) We’re Talking Milestones

While we are on the subject, the team itself has had a pretty solid run to start the year. In fact, through 30 games, this is third most points the team has ever had.

This season’s Jets haven’t been the best looking and are sometimes defying the odds, but the results have been excellent thus far. This win also moved them up to third in the Central Division and they are keeping themselves within striking distance of the top two spots.

Even though some of the advanced numbers haven’t been favourable, banking points when possible is huge benefit at this time of year.

4) Charts!

The Jets have struggled to get to the prime scoring areas this season, but they did a decent job of generating shots in this game. Anaheim did have the edge of shots from right in front of the crease, but the Jets had a number of shots from the higher slot area which is where both of their goals came from. Not too bad overall for the Jets.

When looking at the forward lines individually, the only line that got out-shot was the top line of Connor, Scheifele, Laine. Each of the other three lines had a CF% of at least 60%.

As a side note, it was nice to see Nick Shore make his debut with the club in this game. He held his own and the fourth line enjoyed one of their better games as they generated a few chances on Gibson.