If you’ve visited FlamesNation over the past couple of days, you’ve probably noticed the brand new comments section we launched. I know this has been a long time coming and that you guys have had all kinds of requests for upgrades, and after making you wait for what must have felt like an eternity, we’re happy to report that we’re up and running.

We’ve grabbed some notes from OilersNation’s BaggedMilk about what the new comments section entails.

A few things:

Article voting

Aside from the fact that we brought the edit button back (we’ll get to that), one of my favourite parts of the new commenting system is that you guys are now able to vote on articles. Shown above are the votes for an article OilersNation’s Jason Gregor wrote about Rookie Camp, and, as you can see, the reaction is fairly split. Personally, I think it’s hilarious to give you guys another way to interact with the site and I truly hope that you use it. For me, keeping you guys involved and engaged is incredibly important and I hope that voting is something you guys enjoy.

Comment Sorting:

One of the new toys you guys will be able to play with is the ability to sort comments however you please. Since this website launched more than 10 years ago, we’ve always had the oldest comments show up first, but here in 2019, that’s up to you to decide. You want to see the freshest takes first? No problem, you can make that happen. Want to see most replied? Do it. Most up-votes? Make it happen. My point here is that the new commenting system gives you more freedom to make that section of the page your own, and I think that’s a pretty cool little add.

Edit button:

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve brought back the edit button that you guys have been asking for since we relaunched the sites back in March of 2017. We said we were going to bring it back, but it took some time to get there. The reality of our company is that we’re still relatively small in terms of behind the scenes staff so there were other items on the list that had to come first because of development costs, time restraints, etc. With all that behind us, I’m very happy to announce that the edit button is back! I know it took more time than I probably would have expected or any of you would have hoped, but we finally got there and for that I’m grateful.

If anyone has any comments, concerns, or feedback, feel free to hit me up below or fire me an email at ryan@oilersnation. Until then have fun, everybody.