Throughout their 50 year existence, the Vancouver Canucks have scored over 12,600 goals spanning over preseason, regular season and playoff games. However, only a few are so remarkable in nature that they leave a lasting impression. For this article, we’ll be examing the top ten most jaw dropping goals, not necessarily the most important ones, hence why Alex Burrows’ dragon slayer goal isn’t on the list.

The top ten individual goals will take you back to your younger days, or maybe this will be the first time you’ve seen some of them. Nonetheless, these ten goals are a thing of beauty, and the style judges would agree. So sit back, relax and enjoy the best pure style and skill goals from the past 50 years.

Spoiler alert: Pavel Bure makes it a few times.

10. Henrik Sedin dethrones the Kings

A couple of things. This goal took place 11 years ago, which seems crazy. Henrik is on this list twice, which was a bit of a shocker when putting it together, as Henrik isn’t really known for his goalscoring prowess.

9. Pettersson leaves the Jackets feeling blue

Once Elias Pettersson’s career is all said and done, this list will no doubt include more of him. From his first NHL goal, Pettersson has had fans on their feet. One of his best goals thus far was against the Columbus Blue Jackets, when he slid a puck in while being hauled down.

8. Bo knows dekes

Bo Horvat’s shorthanded goal vs the St. Louis Blues in the 2020 postseason was a beauty. Starting from his own end, Horvat gains speed, shimmies his way past Brayden Schenn and leaves Jaden Schwartz flat-footed before beating Jordan Binnington.

7. Naslund snipes

One of the greatest calls from the legendary Tom Larscheid is music to the ears while watching Markus Naslund dance around the Senators. Naslund usually scored from the hash marks when it came to the powerplay; however with this goal, he decided that going coast to coast was the best option.

6. Henrik Sedin goes coast to coast

Before becoming one of the greatest Canucks of all time, Henrik Sedin thrilled the fans when he went coast to coast and scored in a one man effort in its truest form. Always knocked for his skating along with Daniel, Henrik showed speed when racing along the boards before undressing the defender.

5. Alex Mogilny breaks an ankle

At the 5:10 mark of the above video, Alex Mogilny picks up speed in the natural zone, breaks one defender’s ankles and scores while falling. He 312 games as a Canuck and found the net 139 times, but this goal is the nicest of them all.

4. Bure puts on a display against the Blues

It didn’t matter if it was preseason, regular season or the playoffs. Bure knew how to make them all look filthy and in game five of the 1995 series against the Blues, he did just that.

3. Bure dances with the Devils

The display of skill and quickness by Bure shows is why he is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Just an absolute beauty from Bure who made everyone look for their jockstraps in the rafters after this one.

2. Bure stick to skate

There could easily be a top ten of just goals from the Russian Rocket alone. Bure was the first truly electrifying player in Canucks history, and his skate to stick goal remains one of the best goals in NHL history. Bure’s effortless speed while casually putting the puck to his skate and back to his stick is pure poetry. If only the NHL awarded assists for giving the puck to yourself, Bure would have tallied two points on this one.

1. Daniel Sedin between the legs

Much like Bure, Henrik and Daniel Sedin could warrant their own top ten list, but this goal is by far the prettiest display of Sedin magic. No doubt, this goal is a team effort, but Daniel’s heads up thinking of going through the legs make it unique.

This goal will stand the test of time. It starts from Henrik losing the draw and a winger win for the flames, however, the puck found itself on the stick of Christian Ehrhoff, who feeds the puck to Henrik. Henrik then tips the pass between his legs to Daniel, who then went upstairs between his legs, beating Miikka Kiprusoff. The artistry of this goal earns the top spot in the ranks.

With so many goals to choose from, everyone will have a different list, so let’s hear your top ten individual goals.