(NOTE: That was literally the only Leafs photo of him in our library. Sorry Tyler)

Tyler Gaudet will be back with the Marlies next season…

Gaudet had previously been on a SPC with the Leafs, but while he’ll be returning to his role on the Marlies, he’ll be ineligible for callups to the Leafs.

Gaudet has a long history with Sheldon Keefe and Kyle Dubas, having played for Keefe in Pembroke, Soo, and on the Marlies, and of course with Kyle in the last two locations. He was a surprise addition to the Leafs return to play training camp over the summer, largely because of his strong defensive zone play that Keefe and Dubas wanted to the Leafs regulars to line up against.

While the 2021 season won’t see Gaudet in a Leafs uniform, I’m not sure we’ll see the door close on a future NHL contract with the club, given the fondness for him from both the head coach and GM. He’ll certainly continue to be a Marlie to watch next season, and he’ll continue to play a leadership role on Greg Moore’s team.

The return of Gaudet follows a string of Marlies moves this week, which included bringing in Rourke Chartier, re-signing Rich Clune, and bringing in Aaron Dell and Travis Boyd on NHL contracts that could very well end up in the AHL.

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