In these dire times, teams are getting creative in terms of generating content, much like we are.

And thus, the Vancouver Canucks want to know which three jerseys you would pick.

There are some classics here and it’s hard to deviate from choosing number three as one of the options. The skate jersey is one of the best jerseys to be worn on the ice.

Much like that, I would have to mix in number two as an option for the Canucks, too. Having them wear the giant V would pay homage to the 70’s and 80’s in such a great way.

And lastly, I think I’d have to go with number one, or maybe even number five. Number one is a throwback to the teams original jersey from 1970, while there’s something about the early 2000’s jersey I can’t get enough of.

Maybe it’s the fact is was the jersey I grew up watching the Canucks wear β€” who knows.

Nonetheless, if you had your choice, which three jerseys would you pick?

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