Thatcher Demko was a huge story for the Vancouver Canucks in the playoffs.

He appeared in four games against the Vegas Golden Knights, and his incredible play had apparently shaken Vegas to its core.

In those four appearances, Demko posted a 2-1 record, a .64 GAA and an incredible .985 save percentage. So yeah, no surprise that Demko’s play rattled the Golden Knights. While Vegas went on to eliminate the Canucks, but they scored only eight goals against the Dallas Stars, who eliminated the Golden Knights last night in game five.

It’s clear the Golden Knights lost some of their scoring touch in the conference finals. Ahead of their series against the Stars, Vegas was scoring 2.75 GF/g. That dipped to 1.6 against the Stars.

So it looks like Thatcher Demko and the Canucks got the last laugh after all.

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