With two games in the books and Game Three set to take place tonight, there are a shortage of important questions in need of some serious answering.

Who’s been the Canucks’ MVP through two games?

Who’s been the team’s biggest disappointment?

Who should be coming into the lineup, and who should be sitting out?

Unfortunately, the weekly nature of WDYTT means that, by the time you’ve had your answers recorded and published on CanucksArmy, the play-in series between the Canucks and Wild will have come to a conclusion — for better or for worse. And, in the interest of not having your responses be rendered irrelevant before they even hit the page, we’re going to focus on a more general line of questioning this week:

One week in, what is your overall reaction to the NHL’s return-to-play and the hockey you’re seeing on TV? What do you like, and what do you not like?

Last week, we asked:

How far do you think the Canucks can realistically go in the 2020 postseason?

Your responses are below!

(Contextual Note: The bulk of these responses were recorded the morning after the Canucks’ exhibition loss to the Jets.)

Beer Can Boyd:

If they play like they did last night, they’ll be home by next weekend. Astonishingly inept coverage in their own D zone, which was kinda what was happening all year long. Another way to answer this question is to say that they will go as far as Marky can carry them.

Bud Poile:

As Hellebuyck demonstrated last night,the Canucks will go as far as Markstrom can take them.


Nice to see Canucks play again. Great that they played Jets in the exhibition rather than the first series, as the Jets just have the Canucks’ number. The Wild will not be easy and, if goaltending is the Wild’s weakness, the Canucks need to get shots on goal, not near-misses on goal.

Canucks will learn from this series of how hard one needs to play every shift. They have the offensive weapons, but that in itself will not win the series as the defense will need to move the puck out of their end. Can’t wait for the series to start.


They definitely aren’t getting past Vegas or Winnipeg.


Realistically, who knows?!

The Canucks started the year off well and have added forwards Toffoli, Ferland, and Roussel. I’m count Fer as an add, because he didn’t play like himself. If the D can improve point-blank chances and Marky continues to play well, there isn’t a team I wouldn’t give them a shot to beat.

speering major:

Anything is possible. Teams will be hot and cold. The second round will be interesting, since those teams will have just been “seeding” versus fighting to advance. I think the Canucks could get past Dallas or even Colorado much easier than LVK or STL.

It’s going to take a team effort to get anywhere, but I think Marky, Hughes, Ferland, and Boeser need to step up in particular. If they’re making things happen, the team could go on a run. Petey and Miller should be good, but I don’t think they can carry a team like McDavid, Draisaitl, Crosby, or Malkin.


I think that this team really has no limits, they can and should beat the Wild, and they have matched up well in recent years against Colorado, so the second round is a very real possibility.

Who knows what can happen after that if they get hot, but I do not think that the defensive toughness and depth is there to win a Stanley Cup.

Captain Video:

(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)

Second round. The play-in is winnable, as the Canucks’ superior goaltending and special teams tip the balance in this ‘young offence versus experienced defence’ series. A high-octane offensive series against the Avalanche is also winnable, as the Canucks match up well. The playoffs, however, end once the Canucks run up against St. Louis, Vegas, or Winnipeg.


Can we please just have three big guys with speed and skill AKA Bailey, MacEwen, and Virtanen in place of Beagle, Sutter, and Roussel?! I don’t care about having PK specialists in the lineup.

(Author’s note: Sure, but that doesn’t answer the question.)


They will definitely / probably / likely / possibly / luckily / maybe not / beat the Wild and then for sure / likely move on to quick defeat at the hand of the vastly superior Avs.

Defenceman Factory:

I hope I’m wrong, but I really don’t see the Canucks going very far and won’t be surprised if they don’t get past the Wild. No doubt they could catch lightning in a bottle and take off because they do have some high-end skill players, however, the same underlying problems that held the team back all season look to still be there.

The Canucks are flat out horrible in their own end. Failed clearing attempts, giveaways, and missed assignments regularly occurred against Winnipeg and these things have been issues all season. The forecheck looked better in the exhibition game, and a good strategy is to try harder to play more in the offensive end because their D-zone play is weak. Aside from Pettersson’s commitment to backchecking, there really hasn’t been much to like defensively.

You can’t just point to one or two players, although many seem to like having a scapegoat. Some players are certainly better defensively than others, but there are enough mistakes from throughout the lineup. Once the opposition sets up with puck possession, we don’t seem to have a forward line that can disrupt the puck movement. As we saw against Winnipeg, you can’t rely on scoring four or five goals every night.